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West Country Honey

12 oz /340g jar Soft Set West Country Honey

12 oz /340g jar Soft Set West Country Honey

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12 oz jar soft set honey

Read below how we make it

Creamed honey, also known as spun honey or whipped honey, is a type of honey that has been processed to control its crystallization, resulting in a smooth, creamy, and spreadable texture. Here's how it's made:

1. Starter Culture: To create creamed honey, a small amount of already crystallized honey (seed honey) is mixed with liquid honey. This starter culture contains tiny honey crystals.

2. Controlled Crystallization: The starter culture is evenly distributed throughout the liquid honey. The mixture is then stored at a specific temperature, typically around 57°F (14°C), which encourages the growth of fine, smooth crystals. This controlled crystallization gives creamed honey its creamy texture.

3. Homogenization: The honey is gently mixed to ensure a uniform and creamy consistency.

4. Packaging: Once the desired texture is achieved, the creamed honey is packaged in jars for consumption.

Creamed honey is popular because of its smooth, spreadable texture and resistance to further crystallization. It's often used as a topping for bread, toast, or desserts and is favored by those who prefer honey that doesn't drip or flow like liquid honey.

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